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Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems (3rd Edition)

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In the beginning, say 115 years ago, a book on vehicle electrics would have been very small. A book on vehicle electronics would have been even smaller!

As we continue our drive into the new millennium, the subject of vehicle electrics is becoming ever
larger. Despite the book likewise growing larger, some aspects of this topic have inevitably had to be glossed over, or left out. However, the book still covers all of the key subjects and students, as well as general readers, will find plenty to read in the new edition.

This third edition has once again been updated and extended by the inclusion of more case studies
and technology sections in each chapter. Multiple choice questions have also been added to most chapters. Subject coverage soon gets into a good depth; however, the really technical bits are kept in a separate section of each chapter so you can miss them out if you are new to the subject.

I have concentrated, where possible, on underlying electrical and electronic principles. This is because new systems are under development all the time.

Introduction to the third edition
1. Development of the automobile electrical system
2. Electrical and electronic principles
3. Tools and test equipment
4. Electrical systems and circuits
5. Batteries
6. Charging systems
7. Starting systems
8. Ignition systems
9. Electronic fuel control
10. Engine management
11. Lighting
12. Auxiliaries
13. Instrumentation
14. Air conditioning
15. Chassis electrical systems
16. Comfort and safety
17. Electric vehicles
18. World Wide Web

Author Details
"Tom Denton" BA, AMSAE, MITRE, Cert.Ed.
Associate Lecturer, Open University.

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