Thursday, February 7, 2019

Lecture Note's On Chiller Plant Optimisation

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One of the most common chiller plant optimization strategies is to retrofit the chiller with variable frequency drives – devices that modulate motors’ electrical frequencies to improve efficiency. This improves the efficiency on any given chiller at reduced loads, but does very little for peak conditions which can be frequent with large systems.

Another consideration that can make a large impact is the capacity at which you’re running your chiller. Ordinarily, the ideal load for maximum chiller efficiency is between 60 and 80 percent of capacity. In addition, loads lower than 50 percent can significantly drop efficiency.

• KWI at System Components level (Chillers, Pumps, CT)
• System Interactions amongst components
• Low Flow Design
• Variable Primary Flow (VPF)
• Chiller Plant Controls
• Monitoring of Temp Approach
• Measurement & Verification ( M&V)-by LEE EL

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"K Y Yow" Director, Technical Center of Excellence HVAC & Transport , Climate Sector API , Ingersoll Rand.

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