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Electrical Circuits (Objective Questions With Answers)

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1. Conventional Flow Assumes Charges flow From
A. Positive to Negative
B. Positive to Positive
C. Negative to Positive
D. Negative to Negative

2. Electron Flow Assumes Charges flow From
A. Negative To Positive
B. Negative to Negative
C. Positive to Negative
D. Positive To Positive

3. Series Resonance Occurs When
A. XL = XC
B. XL = R
C. Z = R
D. Both A and C

4. The Symbol Q refers to
A. Resonance Quotient
B. Quality Factor
C. Power Quotient
D. Qualification test

5. The ration of W/VA in an ac circuit means
A. Power Factor
B. Reactive Factor
C. Quality Factor
D. Load Factor

6. What is the Reciprocal of Quality Factor?
A. Power Factor
B. Reactive Factor
C. Dissipation Factor
D. I/Q Factor

7. In Liquids and gases, Ionization current results from a flow of
A. Positive or negative ions
B. Free Electrons
C. ions that are Lighter in Weight than Electrons
D. Protons

8. VL = VC in a Series RLC Circuit When
A. The Value of the impedance is Minimum
B. The Power Factor is Zero
C. The Current Lead the total Voltage by 90o
D. The Total Voltage is Zero

9 At what frequency will an inductor of 5mH have the same reactance as a Capacitor of 0.1 UF?
A. 7.12 KHZ
B. 7.12 HZ
C. 7.12 MHZ
D. 7.12 GHZ

10. Property of an electric circuit that dissipates electric Energy
A. Reactance
B. Impedance
C. Resistance
D. Conductance

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