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Electroninc- Test and Measurements (Objective Questions with Answers)

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1. What king of instrument an ammeter is?
A. An indicating
B. A Recording
C. An integrating
D. A dc meter

2. As the deflection of the moving system increases, the controlling torque in an indicating instrument.
A. Remains the same
B. Increases
C. Decreases
D. Becomes zero

3. Which is the best type of type of meter movement?
A. Iron-wave
B. Dynamometer
C. D' Arsonval
D. Moving iron

4. Which dynamometer type has uniform scale?
A. Wattmeter
B. Voltmeter
C. Ammeter
D. Ohmmeter

5. When both deflecting and controlling torque act, the pointer of an indicating instrument comes to 
A. Rest
B. Mid-Position
C. Maximum Position
D. Three-Fourth position

6. The output voltage of a thermocouple
A. Remains constant with temperature
B. Decreases with applied voltage
C. Increases with temperature
D. Increases with applied voltage

7. An instrument in which the magnitude of the measured quantity is indicated by means of a pointer
A. Analog instrument
B. Digital instrument
C. Ammeter
D. Voltmeter

8. If the pointer of an indicating instrument is in motion, then what opposes defecting torque?
A. Controlling torque
B. Damping toque
C. Damping and controlling torques
D. Frictional torque

9. How can electrical currents be inducted with a coil and a magnet?
A. By Placing the coil parallel to the magnetic field
B. By Placing the coil at right angles with the magnetic field
C. By Moving either the magnet or the coil
D. By keeping the coil and the magnet perfectly  stationary

10. When should a fuse be replaced with a higher rated unit?
A. Never
B. When the original value is not available
C. if it blows
D. When fuses of the original value are small in size

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