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Evaporative Air-Conditioning (Applications for Environmentally Friendly Cooling)

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As the harmful environmental effects of chloro-fluorocarbons (CFCs) and greenhouse gases have become better known, interest has grown in environmentally friendly cooling technologies. Evaporative air-conditioning (EAC) is such a technology. Whereas conventional vapor compression air-conditioning (VAC) uses CFCs as cooling liquids, EAC uses water. EAC technology is simple, functional, and has both residential and commercial applications in industrialized and developing countries. EAC can provide superior cooling and ventilation while consuming less energy (and hence contributing less to greenhouse gas emissions) than VAC. EAC works best in hot, dry climates, but it can be used in more humid climates as well.

This paper elucidates some of the technical characteristics and fields of application for EAC and outlines the climatic conditions under which EAC can be most effectively employed. The document begins with a general outline of the applications and limitations of EAC and explains the differences between "direct" and "indirect" EAC. Chapter 2 discusses the applicability of EAC in different climates and explains the use of wet-bulb temperature as a useful tool for predicting the applicability of EAC. Chapters 3 and 4 discuss the economics of EAC versus VAC in terms of energy consumption, required investments, and life-cycle costs. Production costs, the paper points out, are low enough so that EACs can be manufactured relatively easily in the developing world, as is now being done in South Asia and the Middle East.

Abbreviations, Symbols, and Glossary
1. Introduction
2. Opportunities and Constraints
3. Economics
4. Technology
5. Choosing and Maintaining Equipment
6. Solar Evaporative Air-Conditioning
7. Introduction and Local Manufacturei n Developing Countries
8. Commercial Evaporative Air-Conditioning

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"Gert Jan Bom"

"Robert Foster"

"Ebel Dijkstra"

"Marja Tummer"

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