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Fundamentals of Pipe Flow

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In This book ab attempt is made to summarize the most important results that ate available in the field of fluid flow in pipes. In part-I the basic conservation principles of mass, momentum, and energy are presented in Chapter1. The flow of ideal liquids is given in Chapter 2, while ideal gas glows are treated in Chapter 3. In Part II the deviations from an ideal fluid as described by the boundary layer are considered in Chapter 4, Velocity profiles in Chapter 5, and the friction factor in Chapter 6. In part III the flow of real Liquids an gases and that of Two-Phase Fluids are treated in Chapters 7,8, and 9, respectively. Then the specific losses in various piping components are given in equation, curve, and tabular fro in Chapter 10, while Chapter 11 Introduces the idea of Flow network analysis wherein several piping Components are combined in Various series and parallel arrangements. Part IV is Concerned with the measurement of the thermodynamic quantities of temperature, pressure, and flow rate in Chapter 12, 13, and 14, respectively Finally, chapter 15 given a brief account of some of the specialized Measurements made in Pipes.

1. The Conservation Equations for Ideal Pipe Flow
2. Solution to Ideal-Incompressible Pipe Flow
3. Solutions to Ideal-Compressible Pipe Flow
4. The Boundary Layer
5. Velocity Distributions
6. The Friction Factor
7. Flow of Real Liquids in Pipes
8. Flow of Real Gases in Pipes
9. Flow of Liquid-Vapor Mixtures in Pipes
10. Loss Characteristics of Piping Components
11. Piping Networks
Part-IV: Thermodynamic Measurements in Pipes
12. Temperature Measurement in Pipes
13. Pressure Measurement in Pipes
14. Flow Measurement in Pipes
15. Special Measurements in Pipes
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"Robert P. Benedict" Fellow mechanical Engineer Westinghouse Electric Corporation Steam Turbine Division Adjunct Professor of Mechanical Engineering Drexel University Evening College Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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