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Java in 60 Minutes a Day

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The goal of this book is for you to be able to study each chapter in one hour, like a student sitting through a one-hour lecture. After you finish a chapter, there are labs that solidify what you learned by having you write code. You will also find review questions and answers at the end of each chapter to help you review the key points of the chapter. Also throughout the book are Classroom Q&A sections where I answer questions that I have frequently been asked by students in the classroom.

The book contains 19 chapters. The first eight chapters discuss the fundamentals of the Java language, and should be read in order. The order of the last 11 chapters isn’t quite as important, although you will find that many of the labs build on the ones from previous chapters. The following sections describe what you will learn in this book’s chapters.

About the Author
Chapter 1:
Getting Started with Java
Chapter 2: Java Fundamentals
Chapter 3: Control Structures
Chapter 4: Classes and Objects
Chapter 5: Methods
Chapter 6: Understanding Inheritance
Chapter 7: Advanced Java Language Concepts
Chapter 8: Polymorphism and Abstraction
Chapter 9: Collections
Chapter 10: Interfaces
Chapter 11: Exception Handling
Chapter 12: An Introduction to GUI Programming
Chapter 13: GUI Components and Event Handling
Chapter 14: Applets
Chapter 15: Threads
Chapter 16: Input and Output
Chapter 17: Network Programming
Chapter 18: Database Programming
Chapter 19: JavaBeans
Appendix About the 60 Minutes Web Site

Author Details
"Richard F. Raposa"

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