Monday, February 11, 2019

Metal Cutting, Metal Forming & Metrology (Interview, Questions & Answers)

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Section-I: Theory of Metal Cutting
Chapter-1: Basics of Metal Cutting
Chapter-2: Analysis of Metal Cutting
Chapter-3: Tool life, Tool Wear, Economics and Machinability
Section-II: Metrology
Chapter-4: Limit, Tolerance & Fits
Chapter-5: Measurement of Lines & Surfaces
Chapter-6: Miscellaneous of Metrology
Section-III: Metal Forming
Chapter-7: Cold Working, Recrystalization and Hot Working
Chapter-8: Rolling
Chapter-9: Forging
Chapter-10: Extrusion & Drawing
Chapter-11: Sheet Metal Operation
Chapter-12: Powder Metallurgy
Section-IV: Cutting Tool Materials

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