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Tunnel Engineering (Objective Questions With Answers)

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1. Which one of the following statements is not correct for heading and benching method of tunnelling ?
A. Drilling and mucking can be done simultaneously
B. Benching provides a plateform for working on heading
C. Removal of muck from the heading is very easy
D. None of these.
Answer: Option C

2. The difference of heights of the tunnels above rail tops of BG and MG tracks is kept
A. 0.30 m
B. 0.45 m
C. 0.60 m
D. 0.75 m
Answer: Option C

3. In case of drift method of tunnelling, the drift may be excavated at
A. the centre
B. the bottom
C. the top
D. the side
E. All of the above.
Answer: Option E

4. A tunnel is found more advantageous as compared to the alternate routes because it:
A. remains free from snow
B. reduces the cost by reducing the route distance
C. reduces the maintenance cost
D. avoids interference with surface rights
E. All the above.

5. For B.G. single track railway, the height of the tunnel above top of rails should be
A. 5.5 m to 5.8 m
B. 5.8 m to 6.2 m
C. 6.7 m to 7.3 m
D. 7.3 m to 7.5 m
Answer: Option C
6. Pick up the correct statement regarding drilling a tunnel from the following:
A. Holes are drilled by pneumatically operated rock drills
B. One drill is required for each 4 to 5 m2 force area
C. The diameter of the bore hole at the deepest point should be 6 mm more than the diameter of the cartridge
D. All of the above.
Answer: Option D

7. For tunnels exceeding 300 m in length, the grade should be provided below
A. 50% of the ruling gradient
B. 60% of the ruling gradient
C. 75% of the ruling gradient
D. 80% of the ruling gradient.
Answer: Option C

8. The method of draining in the tunnels, is generally known as
A. foredrainage
B. dewatering
C. permanent drainage
D. All of the above.
Answer: Option D

9. Pick up the correct statement from the following during tunnel excavation,
A. Oxygen should not be less than 19.5%
B. Carbondioxide should not be more than 0.5%
C. Hydrogen sulphide should not be more than 0.001%
D. Carbon mono-oxide should not be more than 0.01%
E. All of the above.
Answer: Option E

10. To attain the required shape of the tunnel section, we use :
A. easers
B. trimmers
C. cut holes
D. chisels.
Answer: Option B

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