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Valves, Piping and Pipelines Handbook (3rd Edition)


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 Over recent years, a number of significant developments in the application of valves have taken place: the increasing use of actuator devices, the introduction of more valve designs capable of reliable operation in difficult fluid handling situations; low noise technology and most importantly, the increasing attention being paid to product safety and reliability. Digital technology is making an impact on this market with manufacturers developing intelligent (smart) control valves incorporating control functions and interfaces. Computer Integrated Processing is now a fact of life.

New metallic materials and coatings available make it possible to improve application ranges and reliability. New and improved polymers, plastic composite materials and ceramics are all playing their part.

Fibre-reinforced plastic pipe systems, glass-reinforced epoxy pipe systems and the traditional low-cost polyester pipe systems have all undergone sophisticated design and manufacturing technology changes. The potential for growth and expansion of the industry is huge.

The 3rd Edition of the Valves, Pipirzo and Pipelines Handbook salutes these developments and provides the engineer with a timely first source of reference for the selection and application of valves and pipes.

It would not have been possible to provide so much information and data in this Handbook without the co-operation given by the individuals and companies listed overleaf, as well as the manufacturers who supplied information and data. Their contribution is graterully acknowledged.

This is the decade of the customer, and the Valves, Piping and Pipelines Handbook 3rd Edition is intended to provide essential, practical product information and reference data where and when they are needed most.

Section 1. Fundamentals
Section 2. Valve Types Design and Construction
Section 3. Pressure Valves and Services
Section 4. Control and Automation
Section 5. Pipes
Section 6. Pipelines/Pipework
Section 7. Performance and Calculations
Section 8. Duties and Services
Section 9. Engineering Data
Section 10. Author's Acknowledgements
Section 11.
Buyers' Guide to Valves and Pipe

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"T. Christopher Dickenson"

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