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Piping Stress Handbook (2nd Edition)


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Determining piping stresses for the design of petrochemical and power plant piping systems involves many complex mathematical calculations. These calculations can be solved with the aid of any one of several computer programs available provided they have the required capacity and an acceptable input/output format. The most formidable task facing the engineer is compiling the extensive amount of data needed to run the program. These data include physical properties, allowable stresses, valve
weights and dimensions, stress intensification factors, thermal expansion coefficients, spring hangers and expansion joint selection, and piping wind loads.

This reference book provides formulas, technical data, and other pertinent design information not readily available in a single source for the piping stress analyst in the petrochemical industry who often has difficulty collecting the required data and solutions to complete a piping stress analysis. Depending on the magnitude and complexity of the job, the data needed to complete a given task may be scattered throughout a host of sources. The author's aim is to bring together in a single reference all the above material and present it in a convenient form.

Much of the information included in this book was obtained from the work of others; some was used in its original form, while some was rearranged for this application. The author wishes to acknowledge his indebtedness to Mr. Robert Kingshill, Virender Shukla, and Timothy W. Calk for their assistance in preparing this handbook; and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers which generously permitted the author to use several equations to develop tabulations contained in this handbook.
Chapter 1:
Basic Theory of Pipe Stress and ANSI/ASl\1E Codes B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, and B31.8 Pipe Stress Compliances
Chapter 2: Coefficients of Thermal Expansion 
Chapter 3: Allowable Stress Range for ANSI/ASl\1E Power Piping Code B31.1 (1983)
Chapter 4: Allowable Stress Range for ANSI/ ASl\1E Petroleum Piping Code B31.3 (1984) 
Chapter 5: Stress Intensification and Flexibility Factors 
Chapter 6: Rotational Nozzle Flexibilities for Cylindrical Vessels 
Chapter 7: Pressure and Stress Ratios 
Chapter 8: Design Criteria for Allowable Loads, Moment, and Stresses
Chapter 9: Simplified Solutions for Pipe Stress 
Chapter 10: Properties of Pipe 
Chapter 11: Weight and Dimensions of Pipe and Components
Chapter 12: Allowable Pipe Span Formulas and Tables 
Chapter 13: Pipe Support Selection and Design 
Chapter 14: Fundamentals of Expansion Joints 

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"He1guero M., Victor"

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