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All-In-One Manual of Industrial Piping Practice and Maintenance

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Pipelines are the lifelines of almost every daily activity. Vast networks of pipelines provide, transfer, and process our needs reliably, safely, efficiently, and economically. In modern process plants, piping is not simple piping alone, but a culmination of complex disciplines like metallurgy, manufacturing process, codification, and strict standardization. Greatly engineered technology and highly-developed skills make the modern processes viable and reliable while using a whole range of pipes, fittings, and
other components.

Chart Index
Philosophy Behind The Book and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2: Metallurgy of Common Piping
Chapter 3: Commonly Used Piping Materials
Chapter 4: Materials for Valves and Fittings
Chapter 5: Methods of Pipe Manufacture
Chapter 6: Sizes, Schedules, and Standards
Chapter 7: Flange Types and Materials
Chapter 8: Pipe Fittings
Chapter 9: Hand Tools in Piping
Chapter 10: Cutting, Threading, and Welding Pipes
Chapter 11: Bolts and Studs
Chapter 12: Gaskets
Chapter 13: Opening Lines
Chapter 14: Bolting-up
Chapter 15: Blinding and Normalizing Lines
Chapter 16:
Process Valves 
Chapter 17: Control Valves
Chapter 18: Relief Valves
Chapter 19: Rupture Discs (Safety Heads)
Chapter 20: Strainers
Chapter 21: Steam Traps
Chapter 22: Flow Measurement
Chapter 23: Stress Analysis
Chapter 24: Expansion Joints
Chapter 25: Expansion Loops
Chapter 26: Pipe Supports
Chapter 27: Corrosion
Chapter 28: Miscellaneous Practices
Chapter 29: Insulation
Chapter 30: Pipe Layout
Chapter 31: Testing of Equipment
Chapter 32: Emergency Pipe Repairs
Chapter 33: Inspection
Chapter 34: Pipeline Rigging
Chapter 35: Flexible Hoses
Chapter 36: More Information

Author Details
"K. K. Murty"

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