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Pipe Fitting and Piping Handbook

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Pipe Fitting and Piping Handbook is meant to be used as a reference companion for those piping drafters/Designers/Engineers, and pipe fitters (and students in these areas) who continually need a quick and comprehensive guide on the job or in the classroom. The type and content of reference material digger between the in-house design stage and the out-in-the-field applications of the pipe Fitter. Therefore, some of the Chapters will be used exclusively by one or the other group. In general, both the pipe fitter and the pipe drafter/designer/Engineer will refer to the same chapters, though different sections off each. The author would greatly appreciate suggestions from those people in the piping field. Criticisms, new material, and new ideas on future revisions are welcome and encouraged.

1. Pipe Data
2. Fittings
3. Flanges
4.  Threads
5. Valves
6.  Pipe Symbols
7. Pipe Setup
8. Offsets
9. Bends
10. Miters
11. Developments and patterns
12. Welding
13. Pipe Flow
14. Insulation
15.  Pipe Supports
16. Rigging and Hoisting
17.  Formula
18.  Triangles
19. Conversions
20. Abbreviations
21. Glossary
22. Standards

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"Louis Gary Lamit"

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