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A Guide of Refinery Process - Excel Spreadsheet

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Executive Summary:
The refining process depends on the chemical processes of distillation (separating liquids by their different boiling points) ad catalysis (Which speeds up reaction rated), and uses the principles of chemical equilibrium. Chemical equilibrium exists when the reactants in a reaction are products, but those products are being recombined again into reactants. By altering the reaction conditions the amount of either products or reactants can be increased.
Refining is carried out in three main steps.

Step 1 - Separation
The oil is separated into its constituents by distillation, and some of these components ( such as the refinery gas) are further separated with chemical reactions and by using solvents which dissolve one component of a mixture significantly better than another.

Step 2 - Conversion
The various hydrocarbons produced are then chemically altered to make them more suitable for their intended purpose. For example, naphtha's are "reformed" form paraffin's and naphthenes into aromatics. These reactions often use catalysis, and so sulfur is removed from the hydrocarbons before they are reacted, as it would 'poison' the catalysts used. The chemical equilibrium are also manipulated to ensure a maximum yield of the desired product.

Step 3 - Purification
The Hydrogen sulfide gas which was extracted form the refinery gas in step 1 is converted to sulfur, which is sold in liquid form to fertiliser manufacturers.

1. Executive Summery
2. Process Flow
3. Crude Oil Storage
4. Desalting
5. Atmosheric Distillation Unit/ Crude Distillation Unit
6. Vaccum Distillation Units
7. Naptha HDS/ Hydrotreater
8. Kerosene HDS/ Hydrotreater
9. Diesel HDS/ Hydrotreater
10. Gas Oil HDS
11. Fluid Catalytic Cracker (FCC)
12. Hydrocracker
13. ETP
14. Coker / Visbreaker
15. ARU
16. Needle Coke Unit
17. Catalytic Reforming
18. Propylene Recovery Unit
19. Alkylation
20. Merox Treatment
21. Sour Water Stripper
22. Sulfur Recovery
23. Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit
24. Gasoline
25. The Gas Plant
26. Product Blending
27. Support Units (SRU/SWS/HMU/ETP)
28. Bitumen Blowing

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