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Piping Material Class

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This document describes the minimum requirements for the piping material classes for the River Protection Project - Waste Treatment Plant. It summarizes the piping material requirements for pipe,
fittings, flanges, valves, and all other piping components for each specific pipe class as applicable to specific fluid service. The piping classes apply to bulk piping components and do not cover specialty
items identified on engineering data sheets.

History Sheet
1. Introduction
2. Applicable Documents
3. Description
3.1 Codes
3.2 Pipe Wall Thickness and Branch Reinforcements
3.3 Design Conditions
3.4 Pipe
3.5 Flanges
3.6 Fittings
3.7 Bolting and Gaskets
3.8 Valves
3.9 Method of Construction
3.10 Branch Connection
3.11 Corrosion Allowance
3.12 Positive Material Identification (PMT)
Appendix A . Piping Material Class Summary
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