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1 Fundamentals of Machine Design

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The purpose of the present book is to offer the reader an attempt at a systematic exposition of rules for rational designing.

With all the diversity of the modern machine-building the tasks racing the designer are similar in many respects. It is the reduction of the weight and specific metalwork weight of the machine, the
improved suitability for industrial production, greater durability and reliability that are of importance for the design of any machine, the difference lying only in the relative significance of these factors. All this enables one to formulate the principles of rational designing as a code of general rules for machine building.

Chapter 1. Principles Of Machine Design
Chapter 2. Design Methods
Chapter 3. Weight and Metal Content
Chapter 4. Rigidity of Structures
Chapter 5. Cyclic Strength
Chapter 6. Contact Strength
Chapter 7. Thermal Stresses and Strains
Chapter 8. Strengthening of Structures
Chapter 9. Surface Finish

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