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Advanced Completion Engineering (3rd Edition)

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The first edition of the book Advanced Well Completion Engineering of 1996 was revised in the second edition of 1999. During the 12 years from the first to this third edition, new breakthroughs in petroleum exploration and new improvements in field development have taken place. At the same time, a new challenge has been met, and a new requirement for well completion engineering is raised. The third edition aims to meet the demand in exploration and field development.

Preface to the Third Edition,
About the Author,
1. Basis of Well Completion Engineering
2. Well Completion Mode Selection
3. Selection and Determination of Tubing and Production Casing Sizes
4. Completion and Perforating Fluids
5. Production Casing and Cementing
6. Perforating
7. Well Completion Formation Damage Evaluation
8. Measures for Putting a Well into Production
9. Well Completion Tubing String
10. Wellhead Assembly
11. Oil and Gas Well Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention

Author Details
"Wan Renpu"

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