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Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (5th Edition)

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A fifth edition of Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology is very gratifying, and again we have the pleasure of thanking all of our colleagues in teaching who continue to use our textbook and of welcoming new teachers and students.

Changes have been made in the content of the book to keep the material as current as possible. Most of these are small changes, such as a new cell organelle, the proteasome, in Chapter 3; a clarification of blood cell production in Chapters 4, 11, and 14; and the addition of concentric and eccentric contractions to Chapter 7. The most extensive revision is in Chapter 14: The section on immunity has been rewritten using the categories of innate and adaptive immunity.

CHAPTER 1: Organization and General Plan of the Body
CHAPTER 2: Some Basic Chemistry
CHAPTER 3: Cells
CHAPTER 4: Tissues and Membranes
CHAPTER 5: The Integumentary System
CHAPTER 6: The Skeletal System
CHAPTER 7: The Muscular System
CHAPTER 8: The Nervous System
CHAPTER 9: The Senses
CHAPTER 10: The Endocrine System
CHAPTER 11: Blood
CHAPTER 12: The Heart
CHAPTER 13: The Vascular System
CHAPTER 14: The Lymphatic System and Immunity
CHAPTER 15: The Respiratory System
CHAPTER 16: The Digestive System
CHAPTER 17: Body Temperature and Metabolism
CHAPTER 18: The Urinary System
CHAPTER 19: Fluid–Electrolyte and Acid–Base Balance
CHAPTER 20: The Reproductive Systems
CHAPTER 21: Human Development and Genetics
CHAPTER 22: An Introduction to Microbiology and Human Disease

Author Details
"Valerie C. Scanlon", PhD College of Mount Saint Vincent Riverdale, New York

"Tina Sanders" Medical Illustrator Castle Creek, New York Formerly Head Graphic Artist Tompkins Cortland Community College Dryden, New York

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