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Geometry: An Interactive Journey to Mastery

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Geometry-in fact, mathematics as a whole-is an intensely human Enterprise. As its nae suggests, derived from the Greek ge for "earth" and metria for "measure," the subject evolved from very practical concerns: the art of accurately measuring tracts of land, performing feats of navigation, and accomplishing success in construction and architectural design, for example. But the study of geometry reveals a deep and rich layer of intellectual delight. Our human minds are drawn to elegance and beauty, both in the results of the hand and in the products of the dance between these two joyful pursuits, and this course is the journey of that dance for you to enjoy.

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Course Scope
LESSON 1: Geometry—Ancient Ropes and Modern Phones
LESSON 2: Beginnings-jargon and undefined Terms
LESSON 3: Angles and Pencil-Turning Myseries
LESSON 4: understanding Polygons
LESSON 5: The Puthagorean Theorem
LESSON 6: Distance, Midpoints, and Folding Ties
LESSON 7: The Nature of Paralllelism
LESSON 8: Proofs and Proof Writing
LESSON 9: Similarity and Congruence
LESSON 10: Practical Applications of Similarity
LESSON 11: Making Use of Linear Equations
LESSON 12: Equidistance—A Focus on Distance
LESSON 13: A Return to Parallelism
LESSON 14: Exploring Special Quadrilaterals
LESSON 15: The Classification of Triangles
LESSON 16: “Circle-ometry”—On Circular Motion
LESSON 17: Trigonometry through Right Triangles
LESSON 18: What Is the Sine of 1°?
LESSON 19: The Geometry of a Circle
LESSON 20: The Equation of a Circle
LESSON 21: Understanding Area
LESSON 22: Explorations with Pi
LESSON 23: Three-Dimensional Geometry-Solids
LESSON 24: Introduction to Scale
LESSON 25: Playing with Geometric Probability
LESSON 26: Exploring Geometric Constructions
LESSON 27: The Reflection principle
LESSON 28: Tilings, Platonic Solids, and Theorems
LESSON 29: Folding and Conics
LESSON 30: The Mathematics of Symmetry
LESSON 31: The Mathematics of Fractals
LESSON 32: Dido’s Problem
LESSON 33: The Geometry of Braids-Curious Applications
LESSON 34: The Geometry of Figurate Numbers
LESSON 35: Complex Numbers in Geometry
LESSON 36: Bending the Axioms-New Geometries

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"Professor James S. Tanton" 
Mathematical Association of America

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