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Introduction to Piping Engineering

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Every industrial plant has numerous piping systems that must function reliably and safely. Piping systems are often easy to ignore or take lightly. However, industry around the world continuously experiences pipe failures, sometimes with catastrophic results. Plant personnel expect piping systems that operate safely, and plant owners need piping systems that are reliable.

This course introduces the engineers, to the fundamental considerations, the evaluation criteria and the primary solutions in the design of piping systems. The types of common failure modes are described, with the general approaches to determining if a piping system design is adequate for operation. Pipe support types are described, and their normal applications. This is not a pipe stress analysis course, but is much broader in context and only briefly introduces pipe stress analysis.

1. Definition of Piping Engineering
2. Design Basis
3. Systems Approach
4. Engineering For Static Loading Conditions
5. Engineering For Dynamic Loading Conditions
6. Pipe Supports
7. Pipe Stress Analysis
8. Summary

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Gerald H. may, P.E.

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