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Principles and Use of Gears, Shafts and Bearings

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Gears, shafts, and bearings are the backbone of equipment used in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission. They are the primary components in such things as transmissions, drive trains, and gear boxes. Transmissions and drive trains deliver power from engines to the wheels of a variety of vehicles ranging from automobiles to earth moving equipment. Gear boxes of a variety of sizes and types power the many machines and equipment that are found in our factories and in our homes.

This course takes the reader through the various steps needed to better understand the function and use of gears, shafts, and bearings and how they work together in the field of Mechanical Power Transmission. The steps include description/design, material/manufacture, load/stress analysis, sample problems, and application in various pieces of industrial equipment with expert analysis. It is written in an easy step-by-step style with as many images as there are pages of text in an effort to be as informative and educational as possible.

1. Description
2. Terminology
3. Types
4. Material
5. Manufacture
6. Tooth Bending
7. Tooth Pitting
8. Performance Upgrades
1. Description
2. RimThickness 
3. Design
1. Background
2. Description
3. Loading
4. Material
5. Types
6. Sizes
7. Life
8. SampleProblem
9. Lubrication
10. Closures
1. Bearings
2. Gears

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