Saturday, May 25, 2019

ACSM Health & Fitness Summit 2013 (Free PDF)

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Purpose: Re-define and explore your body's balance systems using the BOSU Balance Trainer and a softtouch weighted ball, and walk away with a whole new perspective on balance. More than just your ability to stand on one leg, balance signifies both the starting and ending point of human movement, and this workshop will show you how to train complementary aspects of balance to improve proprioception, strength and flexibility. You'll also gain some mind/bodybased methods for enhancing stability and mobility from simple sitting to gait training. Note: This workshop focuses on barefoot training, however, please bring a pair of shoes or sneakers as well.

I. Introduction
II. Individual and Public Responsibility for a Fit Community
III. Endurance Races
IV. Nutritional Aspects
V. Physical
VI. Injury Prevention
VII. Mental Toughness
VIII. Maintaining Health, Preventing the Yo-Yo
IX. Four Take-Away Messages

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