Saturday, May 25, 2019

Bolting and Welding (Free PDF)

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This presentation was developed as a teaching aid with the support of the American Institute of Steel Construction. Its objective is to provide technical background and information for bolting and welding. The information provided is based on common design and construction practices for structures of twelve stories or less.

The AISC Digital Library case study presentations document the construction of a steel frame for an office building. The case study includes photographs that were taken throughout the construction of the structural steel frame including detailing, fabrication, and erection. Project data including plans, schedules, specifications and other details are also included.

• General knowledge of structural steel
• An understanding of the different ways that structural steel is connected
• Insight into types of bolts and their installation
• An awareness of types of bolted joints used for structural steel
• Knowledge of welding terminology, weld types, and welding processes
• Familiarity with common weld inspection methods and considerations
associated with field welding

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