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Handbook of heat Transfer (3rd Edition)

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Since the publication of the second edition of Handbook of Heat Transfer, there have been many new and exciting developments in the field, covering both fundamentals and applications. As the role of technology has grown, so too has the importance of heat transfer engineering. For example, in the industrial sector heat transfer concerns are critical to the design of practically every process. The same is true of such vitally important areas as energy production, conversion, and the expanding field of environmental controls. In the generation of electrical power, whether by nuclear fission or combustion of fossil fuels, innumerable problems remain to be solved. Similarly, further miniaturization of advanced computers is limited by the capability of removing the heat generated in the microprocessors. Heat transfer problems at the macro scale, as exemplified by global warming, also offer tremendous challenges. As technology advances, engineers are constantly confronted by the need to maximize or minimize heat transfer rates while at the same time maintaining system integrity. The upper and lower boundariesmsystem size, pressure, and temperature--are constantly expanding, confronting the heat transfer engineer with new design challenges.

Chapter 1. Basic Concepts of Heat Transfer
Chapter 2. Thermophysical Properties
Chapter 3. Conduction and Thermal Contact Resistances (Conductances)
Chapter 4. Natural Convection
Chapter 5. Forced Convection, Internal Flow in Ducts
Chapter 6. Forced Convection, External Flows
Chapter 7. Radiation
Chapter 8. Microscale Transport Phenomena
Chapter 9. Heat Transfer in Porous Media
Chapter 10. Nonnewtonian Fluids
Chapter 11. Techniques to Enhance Heat Transfer
Chapter 12. Heat Pipes
Chapter 13. Heat Transfer in Packed and Fluidized Beds
Chapter 14. Condensation
Chapter 15. Boiling
Chapter 16. Measurement of Temperature and Heat Transfer
Chapter 17. Heat Exchangers
Chapter 18. Heat Transfer in Materials Processing

Author Details
"Warren M. Rohsenow" Editor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"James R Hartnett" Editor
Energy Resources Center
University of Illinois at Chicago

"Young I. Cho" Editor
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Drexel University

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