Sunday, May 26, 2019

In‐service application of EMAT in Boiler Water Wall Tubes and High Temperature Components

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This article describes the application of electromagnetic acoustic transducer for thickness mapping of boiler water wall tubes and high temperature pipelines used in various industries. Although conventional UT spot thickness gaging is widely used in industries such as oil and gas, power, petrochemical, Pharmaceutical plants etc., this paper will give an idea about the importance of mapping entire tubes/pipes and its advantages .This article also describes the use of Medium Range Ultrasonic Testing (MRUT) by EMAT for quick detection of wall loss for later verification by thickness mapping to find out the integrity of the pipelines.

1. High Temperature thickness gaging
2. Boiler water/furnace wall tube inspection TG IS(B)
3. Corrosion detection

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"R Dhanasekaran1"

"Lopez Borja"

"Mukesh Arora1"

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