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A Quick Guide to Pipeline Engineering (Free PDF)

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Pipeline engineering is a large subject area covering a range of topics. This book provides a handy reference guide on both onshore and offshore pipeline engineering that engineers and students will find useful. Basic principles such as design, construction, operation and maintenance are discussed with the aim of being concise and informative. When working in the pipeline industry, there are numerous pipeline codes and standards, calculation approaches and reference material that the operator must understand in order to make accurate and informed decisions.

The book is divided into a number of sections including design, construction, risk assessment, pressure testing, operation and maintenance, condition monitoring, decommissioning and pipeline industry developments. Throughout this book, alongside these basic principles, there is reference to the main standards and literature that are used in the pipeline industry. These references are essential for further information. The book provides engineers and students with up-to-date and accurate information on current best practice and the underlying principles of pipeline engineering. For example, the engineer might need to know what the main corrosion assessment approaches today are, what quantitative risk assessment is or what methods are available for permanent and temporary repair. These are questions that I have put to myself and that have prompted me to produce a quick guide covering the full life cycle of pipelines, both onshore and offshore.

The Quick Guide Series
Invitation to New Authors
Chapter 1: Principles of Pipeline Design
Chapter 2: Design Approach
Chapter 3: Pipeline Construction and Risk Assessment Techniques
Chapter 4: Pressure Testing and Commissioning
Chapter 5: Pipeline Operation
Chapter 6: Pipeline Maintenance
Chapter 7: Pipeline Condition Monitoring and Repair Methods
Chapter 8: Pipeline Decommissioning and Industry Developments

Author Details
"D. Alkazraji"
BEng, CEng, MIMechE

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