Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Piping and Pipe Hanger Design and Engineering (Free PDF)

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The material in this booklet has been compiled to furnish pipe hanger engineers with the necessary data and procedures to determine pipe hanger loads and thermal movements of the pipe at each hanger location.
The tabulation of weights has been arranged for convenient selection of data that formerly consumed considerable time to develop. In many instances this information was not available for general distribution. This made it necessary to develop average or approximate weights that may be substituted with actual weights whenever practical.

The "Hanger Load Calculation Problem" is typical of the actual steps required in the solution of any pipe hanger installation.
Great care was taken in collecting and printing data in this booklet to assure accuracy throughout. However, no representation or warranty of accuracy of the contents of this booklet is made by Anvil. The only warranties made by Anvil are those contained in sales contracts for design services or products.

1. Design of Pipe Hangers
2. Determination of Hanger Locations
3. Hanger Load Calculations
4. Thermal Movement Calculations
5. Selection of the Proper Hangers
6. Typical Pipe Support Specification
7. Nuclear pipe Hangers
8. Seismic Supports
9. Supports for Grooved Piping
10. Application Examples
11. Weights of Piping Materials
12. Charts and Tables

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