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Buried Pipe Design (2nd Edition)

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In American cities, piping systems are complex and marvelous. But the average city dweller does not know of, and could not care less about, buried pipes and simply takes them for granted. This person cannot contemplate the consequences if these services were to be disrupted. City managers and pipeline engineers are sobered by the present- day reality of deteriorating pipe systems. The problem is almost overwhelming. Engineers who deal with piping systems will be key in helping to solve this problem. The First (1990) Edition of this book was well received and hopefully has been of some help to the various practitioners who deal with buried piping systems. It is also hoped that this Second Edition will be helpful in designing, installing, replacing, and rehabilitating buried pipe systems.

There has been progress and changes in the 11 years since the First Edition was published. Thus there are many expansions of and additions to the material in this new edition. Most of the material that appeared in 1990 is also included here, resulting in a book almost twice the size. In addition, there have been many small changes, such as corrections of the errors that were pointed out by readers. For this kind help, I offer my sincere thanks.

Preface to Second Edition
Chapter 1. Introduction and Overview
Chapter 2. External Loads
Chapter 3. Design of Gravity Flow Pipes
Chapter 4. Design of Pressure Pipes
Chapter 5. Rigid Pipe Products
Chapter 6. Steel and Ductile Iron Flexible Pipe Products
Chapter 7. Plastic Flexible Pipe Products
Chapter 8. Pipe Installation and Trenchless Technology

Author Details
"A. P. Moser", Ph.D.
Mechanical Engineering
Utah State University
Logan, Utah

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