Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Piping and Instrumentation Drawings (Free PDF)

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This book contains piping and instrumentation drawings (P&IDs) representing Aspen Icarus Volumetric Models. Volumetric Models develop material quantities and are based on recognized design methods and construction standards. Volumetric Models are the key components behind Aspen Icarus’ unique method of designing and estimating.

Volumetric Models determine the field materials (type, quantity, weights, and sizes) required to install an equipment item. Volumetric Models generate the material takeoff for equipment handling and setting, piping, civil, structural steel, instrumentation, electrical, insulation and paint materials. For example, a tower’s pipe diameter and length is determined by the diameter, height, pressure, temperature, number of trays, and estimated flow rates. Each run of pipe is consistent with the tower materials, and of a specific length, diameter, schedule, valve, and fitting count, etc., to fulfill the functionality assigned to that line of pipe. Thus, the Volumetric Models create materials to be installed.

1. Introduction
2. Drawings
3. Appendix A: Symbols
4. Appendix B: Abbreviations

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