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Process Steam Systems: A Practical Guide for Operators, Maintainers, and Designers

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It seems that the corporate knowledge of steam systems in the United States has diminished to a noticeably low level. Twenty years ago, almost every organization who owned a steam boiler had a crusty old guy that treated the boiler better than his own pet. Today, most boiler operators have a myriad of other responsibilities and only visit the boiler room when an alarm forces them to investigate.

In the engineering community, the lack of steam design expertise is just as pronounced. Steam system design is not taught in many universities, and the old timers are gradually retiring, leaving a significant void that is not being filled by the new engineers. Consequently, most engineers tasked with designing or operating a steam system rely heavily on the steam equipment manufacturers to help them figure it out. Although there is a lot of good individual equipment guidance available today, if you don’t understand the steam system function as a whole, it is very easy to end up with a poorly designed or performing system.

In 2004, the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy published a good industry sourcebook called Improving Steam System Performance. It since has been revised but still lacks enough detail to serve as a complete reference guide for the process industry.

List of Examples
List of Tables
1. S team: A Heat Transfer Fluid
2. S team Formation, Accumulation, and Condensation
3. Understanding Heat Transfer
4. S team Quality: It Matters
5. Boiler Room Considerations
6. T he Steam Generator
7. Boiler Trim, Fuel Delivery, and Combustion Control System
8. T he Steam Delivery System
9. T he Condensate Recovery System
10. T he Feed Water System
11. S team System Chemistry Control
12. S team System Applications
13. S team System Efficiency
14. S hutdown, Startup, Inspection, and Maintenance
15. T roubleshooting and Commissioning Basics
16. Commissioning and Troubleshooting the Steam Generator
17. Commissioning and Troubleshooting the Steam Delivery System
18. Commissioning and Troubleshooting the Condensate and Feed Water System
19. Commissioning and Troubleshooting the Water Treatment Equipment
Appendix A References and Reference Information
Appendix B Operations, Maintenance, and Inspection Guidance
Appendix C Steam System Design and Commissioning Guidance

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