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Principles of Combustion in the Steam Boiler Furnace

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The functional of a boiler Furnace is the generation of the maximum amount of hear from a given quantity of a specific Fuel, and if such function is to be properly fulfilled, it is essential that the furnace operator understand the broader principles involved in combustion. Unfortunately, from the standpoint of efficient steam generation, the statement is too frequently accepted as true that theoretical generalizations and mathematical formulae are of butt little value to the operating engineer. To an extent, such statements may be true, but on the other hand it is yo be remembered that combustion is purely a chemical phenomenon and as such can be properly investigated and Controlled only by chemical Means.

1. Introduction
2. The Chemistry of Combustion
3. Density, Weight and Volume of Gases
4. Heat of Combustion
5. Specific Heat
6. Temperatures Developed In Combustion
7. Air and Combustion
8. Combustion Formulae
9. Combustion Losses
10. Smoke
11. General Conclusions
12. The Computation of Combustion Data
13. Heat Balance

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