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Strength of Materials for Technicians (2nd Edition)

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This textbook covers the syllabi of the first- and second -year courses in Strength of Materials for the National Diploma in Engineering. It should also Prove to be of value to students studying for the National Technical certificate and First-Year Degree Courses in Engineering.

The theory of each chapter is developed in an understandable and logical manner to enable the student to follow the reasoning without difficulty. All assumptions are clearly stated to emphasis the limitations of formulae. Basic concepts and principles, such as the conditions for static equilibrium, are emphasised to minimise the number of formulae students need to memorise. Free-Body Diagrams are also used to simplify the analysis of forces in members of structures. Theoretical explanations are followed by worked Examples in which the application of the different principles is illustrated. Furthermore, each chapter ends with a number of examples arranged in order of difficulty,with answers provided.

List of Symbols
1. Simple Trusses
2. Simple Stress and Strain
3. Thin-walled Pressure Vessels and thin rotating cylinders
4. Torsion of Circular shafts
5. Springs
6. Shear Force and Bending Moment
7. Temperature Stresses
8. Strain Energy due to direct stresses
9. second moment of area
10. Bending Stresses
11. Shear stress in beams
12. Catenaries
13. Testing of materials
14. Deflection of beams
15. Struts
16. Transformation of Stress
17. Analysis of Strain
18. Thick Cylinders
19. Theories of Failure
Appendix A
Appendix B

Author Details
"JD Drotsky"

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