Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Lecture 8: Sizing mechanical ventilation systems

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A design process is described for sizing cooling and heating system capacity, for specifying the airflow and duct sizes to each conditioned space, and for specifying the free area needed to transfer air supplied to closed rooms back to the central return. This design process involves using a computerized version of the industry standard ACCA Manual J calculation procedure, with specific parameters specified to properly handle infiltration, ventilation, glazing, and airflow velocities for ducts. This process is particularly suited for Building America houses (also Environments for Living and Engineered for Life Platinum level).

*Air Flow : Relation between air flow, air speed and duct section
*Ventilation design methodology:
1. Ventilation calculation
2. Number of fans & grilles
3. Drawings
4. Size duct work
5. Size fan
6. Size grilles & diffusers
*Duct cleaning
*Heat loss by ventilation
*How the sizing and placement of the ventilation ducts and unit influence the architecture

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