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Applied OpenStack Design Patterns (Free PDF)

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From the last decade, many IT giants moved their existing infrastructure to OpenStack cloud to get complete controlled and customizable environments. This book is not focused on being a how-to guide or setup book; it is aimed for design solutions only to gain the maximum from OpenStack components. To understand the private cloud infrastructure of OpenStack and its flow, understanding underneath architecture is very important. So in the first part of the book, readers will learn the basics of OpenStack and its component design. With this design understanding, readers can map their application flow and the behavior to start with OpenStack components.

Once the component knowledge and proven architecture design patterns have been set, we will deep dive into OpenStack underneath the behavior to map native infrastructure and application with OpenStack architecture. With this core understanding, we will move toward the component design implementation for native applications on OpenStack to start as a small protocol model. Once the model has been set, users can start to utilize different component implementations of OpenStack with their native application structure. Later in this book, we will define the multi-node compute resource management and clustering solutions to define the High Availability (HA) with OpenStack.

In the later stages of the book, we will focus on resource management and scheduling in OpenStack to map users’ requests and allocation. The readers will gain the insight of a resource manager algorithm and native VM provisioning with respect to application components and configuration. In this part, users will learn the common VM provisioning related best practices mapping with respect to resource and capacity management of OpenStack infrastructure.

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Chapter 1: Designing Your First Cloud with OpenStack
Chapter 2: Reference Architecture
Chapter 3: OpenStack Deployment
Chapter 4: Deploying Multi-Node Cluster
Chapter 5: Nova Architecture and Deployment
Chapter 6: Exploring through Neutron
Chapter 7: Classifying OpenStack Storage
Chapter 8: HA in OpenStack

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"Uchit Vyas" is an IT industry veteran, cloud technologist at heart, and a hands-on Automation/DevOps Architect at ReanCloud. Through his speaking, writing, and analysis, he helps businesses take advantage of the emerging technologies. Uchit loves to play chess and Age of Empires, which helps him to clearly see the impact of ideas, research, and automation-empowering economies of IT.

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