Monday, July 29, 2019

Asset Attack Vectors (Free PDF)

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This book is dedicated to this dark art. How do you actually create an asset protection strategy through vulnerability management (and a lesser degree patch management) and accomplish these goals? We will explore years of experience, mistakes, threat analysis, risk measurement, and the regulations themselves to build an effective vulnerability management program that actually works. In addition, we will cover guidance on how to create a vulnerability management policy that has real-world service-level agreements that a business can actually implement. The primary goal is to rise above the threats and make something actually work, and work well, that team members can live with. Vulnerability management needs to be more than a check box for compliance. It should be a foundation block for cyber security within your organization. Together, we can figure out how to get there and how to improve even what you are doing today. After all, without self-improvement in cyber security, we will be doomed to another breach. Threat actors will always target the lowest hanging fruit. An unpatched resource is an easy target. Our goal is to make it as difficult as possible for an intruder to hack into our environment. If somebody has to be on the front page of the newspaper due to a breach, we would rather it be someone else’s name and business, not ours.

About the Authors
About the Technical Reviewer
Chapter 1: The Attack Chain
Chapter 2: The Vulnerability Landscape
Chapter 3: Threat Intelligence
Chapter 4: Credential Asset Risks
Chapter 5: Vulnerability Assessment
Chapter 6: Configuration Assessment
Chapter 7: Risk Measurement
Chapter 9: Vulnerability Authorities
Chapter 10: Penetration Testing
Chapter 11: Remediation
Chapter 12: The Vulnerability Management Program
Chapter 13: Vulnerability Management Design
Chapter 14: Vulnerability Management Development
Chapter 15: Vulnerability Management Deployment
Chapter 16: Vulnerability Management Operations
Chapter 17: Vulnerability Management Architecture
Chapter 18: Sample Vulnerability Plan
Chapter 19: Regulatory Compliance
Chapter 20: Risk Management Frameworks
Chapter 21: Making It All Work
Chapter 22: Tales from the Trenches
Chapter 23: Final Recommendations
Chapter 24: Conclusion
Appendix A: Sample Request for Proposal (RFP)
Appendix B: Request for Proposal Spreadsheet

Author Details
"Morey J. Haber"

"Brad Hibbert"

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