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Fundamentals of Medicinal Chemistry (Free PDF)

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This book is written for second, and subsequent year undergraduates studying for degrees in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology and other related degrees. It is also intended for students whose degree courses contain a limited reference to medicinal chemistry. The text assumes that the reader has a knowledge of chemistry at level one of a university life sciences degree. The text discusses the fundamental chemical principles used for drug discovery and design. A knowledge of physiology and biology is advantageous but not essential. Appropriate relevant physiology and biology is outlined in the appendices.

1. Biological Molecules
2. An Introduction to Drugs and their Action
3. An Introduction to Drug Discovery
4. The SAR and QSAR Approaches to Drug Design
5. Computer Aided Drug Design
6. Combinatorial Chemistry
7. Selected Examples of Drug Action at some Common Target Areas
8. Pharmacokinetics
9. Drug Metabolism
10. An Introduction to Lead and Analogue Syntheses
11. Drug Development and Production
Answers to Questions
Selected Further Reading

Author Details
"Gareth Thomas"
University of Portsmouth, UK

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