Thursday, July 4, 2019

Organic Gardening For Dummies (2nd Edition)

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This book is for people who want to grow food and maintain their landscape without using synthetic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Organic gardening is more than just safe food, however, and it’s bigger than nontoxic lawns. Organic gardening is also about making conscious decisions and taking responsibility for actions that affect the world outside your back door, past the end of your driveway, and beyond the boundaries of your hometown.

Most people proudly admit to being environmentalists, but not everyone knows how to be a good steward of his or her own yard, let alone the entire planet. This book gets you started on the path to making healthier choices for your own garden and landscape.

Part I: Understanding the Basics of Organic Gardening
Chapter 1: Basic Techniques in Organic Gardening
Chapter 2: Why Garden Organically?
Chapter 3: Planning Your Organic Landscape
Part II: Soil and Fertilizers
Chapter 4: Digging beneath the Surface: Soils 101
Chapter 5: Building Healthy Soil
Chapter 6: Using Organic Fertilizers
Part III: Managing Pests
Chapter 7: Pest Control and Pesticide Safety 101
Chapter 8: Managing Insect Pests
Chapter 9: Battling Plant Diseases
Chapter 10: Outwitting Critters
Part IV: Growing Organically in Your Yard and Garden
Chapter 11: Weed It and Reap!
Chapter 12: Planting How-To
Chapter 13: Raising Organic Vegetables
Chapter 14: Herbs for the Home and Garden
Chapter 15: Picking from the Berry Patch
Chapter 16: Fruits and Nuts for Your Organic Orchard
Chapter 17: Say It with Flowers
Chapter 18: Run for the Roses
Chapter 19: Managing Landscape Trees and Shrubs
Chapter 20: Caring for Your Organic Lawn
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 21: Ten Best Organic Gardening Practices
Chapter 22: Ten Ways to Be Eco-Friendly

Author Details
"Ann Whitman"

"Suzanne DeJohn"

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