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The 80/20 Principle The Secret of Achieving More with Less

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This has been the most painful and well-researched book I have ever written. There is a certain irony here, since the 80/20 Principle tells us that I could have obtained a book 80 per cent as good in 20 per cent of the time. This would certainly have been my inclination and only the reader can tell whether the extra effort has been worthwhile. I think it has, but I have lost all objectivity. The effort involved has been much more collective than for any of my previous books. Don’t believe the false modesty of those who write generously that their books have been ‘team efforts’. In the end only an author (or authors) can write a book. But I want to thank some individuals without whom this book would either not have existed or would have been vastly inferior.

First is Mark Allin, then at Pitman Publishing and now my partner in Capstone Publishing, who first had the idea of the book. Second is Nicholas Brealey. He has put terrific insight into the book. I am glad that the sales are rewarding this! According to the Von Manstein principle (see Chapter 13), people like Nicholas who are smart and industrious will not be as successful as those who are smart and lazy. To become a real star, Nicholas must work a great deal less. I have a theory that if he published half the number of books, and put all his effort into these, he’d make even more money. I hope my next book will not be one to get the axe! I am very grateful for his persistence on this book.

Revised Acknowledgements
Part One: Overture
1. Welcome to the 80/20 Principle
2. How to Think 80/20
Part Two: Corporate Success Needn’t Be a Mystery
3. The Underground Cult
4. Why Your Strategy is Wrong
5. Simple is Beautiful
6.. Hooking the Right Customers
7. The Top 10 Business Uses of the 80/20 Principle
8. The Vital Few Give Success to You
Part Three: Work Less, Earn and Enjoy More
9. Being Free
10. Time Revolution
11. You Can Always Get What You Want
12. With a Little Help From Our Friends
13. Intelligent and Lazy
14. Money, Money, Money
15.. The Seven Habits of Happiness
Part Four: Crescendo
16. Progress Regained
Notes and References

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"Richard Koch"

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