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Wireless and Mobile Network Security (Free PDF)

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Wireless networks and security might be considered an oxymoron. Indeed it is hard to believe in security when it is so easy to access communication media such as wireless radio media. However, the research community in industry and academia has for many years extended wired security mechanisms or developed new security mechanisms and security protocols to sustain this marriage between wireless/mobile networks and security. Note that the mobile communication market is growing rapidly for different services and not only mobile phone services. This is why securing wireless and mobile communications is crucial for the continuation of the deployment of services over these networks.

Wireless and mobile communication networks have had tremendous success in today’s communication market both in general or professional usage. In fact, obtaining communication services anytime, anywhere and on the move has been an essential need expressed by connected people. This becomes true thanks to the evolution of communication technologies from wired to wireless and mobile technologies, but also the miniaturization of terminals. Offering services to users on the move has significantly improved productivity for professionals and flexibility for general users. However, we cannot ignore the existence of important inherent vulnerabilities of these unwired communication systems, which gives the network security discipline a key role in convincing users to trust the usage of these wireless communication systems supported by security mechanisms.

This book is aimed at academics and industrialists, generalists or specialists interested in security in current and emerging wireless and mobile networks. It offers an up-to-date state of the art on existing security solutions in the market or prototype and research security solutions of wireless and mobile networks. It is organized into three parts.

PART 1. Basic Concepts
Chapter 1. Introduction to Mobile and Wireless Networks
Chapter 2. Vulnerabilities of Wired and Wireless Networks
Chapter 3. Fundamental Security Mechanisms
Chapter 4. Wi-Fi Security Dedicated Architectures
Chapter 5. Multimedia Content Watermarking
PART 2. Off-the Shelf Technologies
Chapter 6. Bluetooth Security
Chapter 7. Wi-Fi Security
Chapter 8. WiMAX Security
Chapter 9. Security in Mobile Telecommunication Networks
Chapter 10. Security of Downloadable Applications
PART 3. Emerging Technologies
Chapter 11. Security in Next Generation Mobile Networks
Chapter 12. Security of IP-Based Mobile Networks
Chapter 13. Security in Ad Hoc Networks
Chapter 14. Key Management in Ad Hoc Networks
Chapter 15. Wireless Sensor Network Security
Chapter 16. Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
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"Hakima Chaouchi"

"Maryline Laurent-Maknavicius"

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