Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook (2nd Edition)

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Of the many sources of information and documentation about Cisco Catalyst switches, few provide a quick and portable solution for networking professionals.

Cisco LAN Switching Configuration Handbook is designed to provide a quick and easy reference guide for all the features that can be configured on Cisco Catalyst switches. In essence, the subject matter from an entire bookshelf of Catalyst software documentation, along with other networking reference material, has been “squashed” into one handy volume that you can take with you.

The idea for this book began as a follow-on to the router configuration book. In larger switched network environments, it is common to see many different Catalyst platforms in use—each might have a different feature set. We have found it difficult to remember the configuration steps and commands when moving from one Catalyst platform to another. Perhaps you have. too.

As with router configuration, the commands for switch configuration went into a notebook of handwritten notes. This notebook began to travel with us into the field as a network consultant and engineer. When you’re on the job and someone requires you to configure a feature that you’re not too familiar with, it’s nice to have your handy reference notebook in your bag! Hopefully, this book will be that handy reference for you as well.

Chapter 1: CLI Usage
Chapter 2: Switch Functionality
Chapter 3: Supervisor Engine Configuration
Chapter 4: Layer 2 Interface Configuration
Chapter 5: Layer 3 Interface Configuration
Chapter 6: VLANs and Trunking
Chapter 7: Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
Chapter 8: Configuring High Availability Features
Chapter 9: Multicast
Chapter 10: Server Load Balancing (SLB)
Chapter 11: Controlling Traffic and Switch Access
Chapter 12: Switch Management
Chapter 13: Quality of Service
Chapter 14: Voice
Appendix A. Cabling Quick Reference
Appendix B. Well-known Protocol, Port, and Other Numbers

Author Details
"Steve McQuerry", CCIE No. 6108, is a technical solutions architect with Cisco Systems focused on data center solutions. Steve works with enterprise customers in the Midwestern Untied States to help them plan their data center architectures.

"David Jansen", CCIE No. 5952, is a vertical solutions architect for manufacturing for U.S Enterprise Segment. David has more than 20 years experience in the information technology industry.

"David Hucaby", CCIE No. 4594, is a lead network engineer for the University of Kentucky, where he works with healthcare networks based on the Cisco Catalyst, IP Telephony, PIX, and VPN product lines.

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