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FreeSWITCH 1.6 Cookbook (Free PDF)

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FreeSWITCH is increasingly becoming the "serious choice" for companies to base their products and offerings on. Its usage is widespread, scaling from Raspberry Pis to "Big Irons" in the data center.

There is a growing need for books and training, and with Packt Publishing, we decided to begin serving this burgeoning demand. This cookbook is a primer; then there will be a Mastering FreeSWITCH book, followed by a new edition of the classic FreeSWITCH book.

Obviously, nothing can beat a training camp or codeveloping in collaboration with an old hand, but these FreeSWITCH titles will form the basis on which a company or a consultant can begin embracing, deploying, and implementing FreeSWITCH.

This book is a complete update, rewrite, and integration of the old FreeSWITCH cookbook. This new edition covers FreeSWITCH 1.6.x, and a lot of new ground.

All the examples here have been updated and tested with the new FreeSWITCH series, while a new section has been added about connecting to Skype, and two entire chapters are on WebRTC and Lua programming.

Chapter 1: Routing Calls
Chapter 2: Connecting Telephones and Service Providers
Chapter 3: Processing Call Detail Records
Chapter 4: External Control
Chapter 5: PBX Functionality
Chapter 6: WebRTC and Mod_Verto
Chapter 7: Dialplan Scripting with Lua

Author Details
"Anthony Minessale II" is the primary author and founding member of the FreeSWITCH open source softswitch. He has spent almost 20 years working with open source software. In 2001, he spent a great deal of time as an Asterisk developer and authored numerous features and fixes to that project.

"Michael S Collins" is a telephony and open source software enthusiast. Having worked as a PBX technician for 5 years and the head of IT for a call center for more than 9 years, he is a PBX veteran.

"Giovanni Maruzzelli" is heavily engaged with FreeSWITCH. In it, he wrote interfacing with Skype and cellular phones. He's a consultant in the telecommunication sector, developing software and conducting training courses for FreeSWITCH, SIP, WebRTC, Kamailio, and OpenSIPS.

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