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Sizing Handbook & Application Guide (Free PDF)

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This updated version of the Selkirk Sizing Handbook features tables of maximum input capacity rating for fan-assisted combustion Category I appliances, as well as those for draft hood appliances. Both individual and combined vents are included. In addition, the tables include minimum capacity values for fan-assisted combustion Category I appliances. Both the maximum and minimum values of capacity for fan-assisted appliances were calculated by Battelle Institute, using their VENT II computer program. This program was developed under the direction of the Gas Research Institute and applies to a wide variety of gas venting situations.

For draft hood appliances, input capacity ratings for all-Selkirk gas vents have not changed from previous Handbook editions and are the same as those in the National Fuel Gas Code. Formats of some of the tables have changed from previous editions of the Handbook to permit inclusion of limits for the two types of appliances. Also, headings of columns, increments of lateral lengths, and other details differ somewhat. Regardless of these changes, the fact remains that the maximum capacity ratings of Type B gas vents for draft hood appliances have stood the test of time since their first publication in the Handbook in 1961. Also, despite any changes in this edition, all previous versions of the Handbook are completely applicable to the venting of draft hood appliances. Comments applicable to fan-assisted appliances and to Categories II, III, and IV are superseded by the information in this edition.

Maximum and Minimum Capacities
Selkirk Product Information
SECTION 1: Individual Vent Table
SECTION 2: Combined Vent Tables
SECTION 3: General Rules
SECTION 4: Individual Venting
SECTION 5: Connectors for Combined Vent Systems
SECTION 6: Common Vents
SECTION 7: Multi-Story Venting
SECTION 8: Providing Air Supply
SECTION 9: Mechanical Draft and Power Venting
SECTION 10: Capacities Through 48" Diameter
SECTION 11: General Design Methods
SECTION 12: Checking Vent System Operation
SECTION 13: Chimneys for Conventional Fireplaces
SECTION 14: Relining Masonry Chimneys

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