Thursday, August 1, 2019

The Architecture of Privacy (Free PDF)

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Technology’s influence on privacy has become a matter of everyday concern for millions of people, from software architects designing new products to political leaders and consumer groups. This book explores the issue from the perspective of technology itself: how privacy-protective features can become a core part of product functionality, rather than added on late in the development process.

The Architecture of Privacy will not only help empower software engineers, but also show policymakers, academics, and advocates that, through an arsenal of technical tools, engineers can form the building blocks of nuanced policies that maximize privacy protection and utility—a menu of what to demand in new technology.

Part I. Getting Started
1. What Is Privacy?
2. Personal Data and Privacy
3. Case Studies in Data Collection
4. Information Security: Protecting Data from Unauthorized Access
Part II. Access and Control: Controlling Authorized Data Access
5. Security Architecture
6. Access Controls
7. Data Revelation
Part III. Oversight: Holding Users and Systems Accountable
8. Federated Systems
9. Audit Logging
10. Data Retention and Data Purging
Part IV. Putting It All Together
11. Practical Applications and Use Cases
12. Enter the Privacy Engineer
13. The Future of Privacy

Author Details
"Courtney Bowman"

"Ari Gesher"

"John K. Grant"

"Daniel Slate"

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