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Windows File System Troubleshooting (Free PDF)

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As I write this introduction, the hard disk on which I have Windows 8.1 installed consists of no fewer than 440,000 files that take up 240GB of space. When all my installed software and apps are removed from this, Windows itself is still enormous, and this is where the complexity of modern operating systems can present problems.

There are tens of thousands of files and hundreds of folders in a basic, new installation of Windows. Many of these help maintain compatibility with older software and hardware; many more exist just to make sure our PCs are able to boot to the desktop. When you add in hardware drivers, win32 and store apps, and the multitude of temporary and configuration files that make everything work, finding, diagnosing, and repairing problems can be very complex indeed.

Whether you’re repairing the Windows boot system, fixing problems with a corrupt underlying file system, or managing the permissions or encryption associated with an individual file, this complexity can quickly become apparent. That’s what this book helps to solve. Think of it as your master-class guide to the most complex operating system on the planet.

The tools and utilities that exist within Windows to help repair problems with files, folders, and file systems are extensive and powerful, and a whole range of third-party utilities also exist to ensure that your time with Windows can be trouble- and worry-free. In this book, we’ll detail everything you need to know.

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Windows Troubleshooting Series
Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Windows File System
Chapter 2: Understanding Windows File Systems
Chapter 3: Permissions, Ownership, and Auditing
Chapter 4: Managing File Sharing
Chapter 5: Managing and Troubleshooting Encryption
Chapter 6: Troubleshooting the Windows File System
Chapter 7: Troubleshooting the Windows Boot Files
Chapter 8: Restoring Files and Folder Security Settings
Chapter 9: Repairing the Windows File System
Using a Portable OS

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"Mike Halsey", MVP

"Andrew Bettany", MVP

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