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Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional

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This book is my answer to that need for a fundamental, authoritative, and down-to-earth guide to Linux, done in the context of one of the most popular flavors of Linux in existence today. It’s a book that is desperately needed in our modern world, especially as Linux becomes more and more popular and enters homes and workplaces.

Beginning SUSE Linux purely and simply focuses on what you need to know to use Linux. It’s concise and to the point, aiming to re-create under Linux all the stuff you used to do under Windows. But don’t think that this means Beginning SUSE Linux cuts corners. Wherever justified, we spend time examining the things you need to know in order to gain a complete and comprehensive understanding. For example, you’ll find a hefty chapter looking at the commandline prompt—arguably the heart of Linux and the element that gives Linux most of its power. There’s also an entire chapter discussing (and illustrating) how to initially install SUSE Linux on your computer. Beginning SUSE Linux really is the complete guide.

About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
PART ONE: Introducing the World of Linux
CHAPTER 1: Welcome!
CHAPTER 2: A History and Politics Lesson 
CHAPTER 3: The Realities of Running Linux
PART TWO: Installing SUSE Linux
CHAPTER 4: Preinstallation Steps
CHAPTER 5: Installing SUSE Linux
CHAPTER 6: Solving Installation Problems
PART THREE: The No-Nonsense Getting Started Guide
CHAPTER 7: Booting Linux for the First Time
CHAPTER 8: Getting Hardware Up and Running
CHAPTER 9: Securing Your System
CHAPTER 10: Personalizing SUSE Linux: Getting Everything Just Right
CHAPTER 11: Using Linux Replacements for Windows Programs
CHAPTER 12: Managing Your Files
CHAPTER 13: Dealing with Problems
PART FOUR: The Shell and Beyond
CHAPTER 14: Introducing the BASH Shell
CHAPTER 15: Understanding Linux Files and Users
CHAPTER 16: Working with Text Files
CHAPTER 17: Taking Control of the System
CHAPTER 18: Cool Shell Tricks
PART FIVE: Multimedia
CHAPTER 19: MP3s and CDs
CHAPTER 20: Viewing Movies and Video
CHAPTER 21: Image Editing
PART SIX: Office Tasks
CHAPTER 22: Making the Move to
CHAPTER 23: Overview
CHAPTER 24: In Depth: Writer
CHAPTER 25: In Depth: Calc
CHAPTER 26: In Depth: Impress
CHAPTER 27: In Depth: Rekall
CHAPTER 28: Running Microsoft Office under SUSE Linux
PART SEVEN: Keeping Your System Running
CHAPTER 29: Installing Software
CHAPTER 30: Managing Users
CHAPTER 31: Optimizing Your System
CHAPTER 32: Backing Up Data
CHAPTER 33: Scheduling Tasks
CHAPTER 34: Accessing Linux Remotely
PART EIGHT: Appendixes
APPENDIX A. Glossary of Linux Terms
APPENDIX B. BASH Command Index

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