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Welded Design - Theory and Practice (Free PDF)

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I have written this book for engineers of all disciplines, and this includes those welding engineers who do not have a background in matters of engineering design, as well as for others in all professions who may find this subject of interest. As might be expected, I have drawn heavily on my own experience. Not that I discovered any new principles or methods but because I had the privilege of firstly being associated with research into the behaviour of welded joints in service at its most active time in the 1960s and 1970s and secondly with the application of that research in a range of industries and particularly in structural design and fabrication which accompanied the extension of oil and gas production into deeper waters in the 1970s. The results of those developments rapidly spread into other fields of structural engineering and I hope that this book will be seen in part as a record of some of the intense activity which went on in that period, whether it was in analysing test results in a laboratory, writing standards, preparing a conceptual design or installing a many thousand tonne substructure on the ocean floor.

1. The engineer
2. Metals
3. Fabrication processes
4. Considerations in designing a welded joint
5. Static strength
6. Fatigue cracking
7. Brittle fracture
8. Structural design
9. Offshore structures
10. Management systems
11. Weld quality
12. StandardsReferences

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"John Hicks"

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