Wednesday, September 4, 2019

CMS Made Simple Development Cookbook

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The CMS Made Simple Development Cookbook gets you started building feature-rich sites quickly, regardless of your experience level. It contains clear recipes that introduce the key concepts behind each approach to extending the CMS, while also providing examples of solutions to real-world problems.

CMS Made Simple has great capabilities "out of the box," but one of its great strengths is the ease of extending those capabilities. You can add a surprising amount of functionality just by customizing the core modules, but once you learn to write your own tags and modules, your ability to add features is virtually limitless.

Chapter 1: Understanding CMS Extensions
Chapter 2: Programming with Smarty and Core Modules
Chapter 3: Getting the Most out of Tags and User-Defined Tags
Chapter 4: Getting Started with Modules
Chapter 5: Using the Database API
Chapter 6: Using the Module Form API
Chapter 7: Your Module and the Community
Chapter 8: Creating Useful Admin Panels
Chapter 9: Using Events
Chapter 10: Advanced Module Tricks and SEO

Author Details
"Samuel Goldstein"

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