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Efficient Methods for WCDMA Radio Network Planning and Optimization

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When joining Siemens in 2001, I also extended my research interest towards radio network planning methodologies. This area of research brought together my personal interest in mobile communications and in the design of efficient algorithms and data structures. Between 2001 and 2003, I participated in the EU project Momentum, which was targeting the performance evaluation and optimization of UMTS radio networks. In this project my main focus was on Monte-Carlo snapshot techniques, shortly after I broadened my research scope towards network optimization techniques. Both constitute the basis of this thesis. Later I got the chance to bring in the ideas and methods of my thesis into a Siemens internal planning and optimization tool, the development of which I guided over the last two years.

List of Abbreviations
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1. Introduction
2. The WCDMA Air Interface
3. Modeling theWireless Transmission Channel
4. Monte-Carlo Snapshot Analysis
5. Snapshot Analysis for WCDMA Network Performance Evaluation
6. Analytical Performance Evaluation
7. Automated Network Optimization
8. Conclusions and Outlook
A. Generating Correlated Random Variables

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"Ulrich Türke"

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