Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Learning iOS Development (Free PDF)

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“Mobile is the future” is a phrase you hear more and more these days. And when it comes to mobile, nobody has more user-friendly devices than Apple.

You want to add iOS development to your set of skills, but where do you begin? Which resources do you need and choose? It depends on how you learn. This book is hands-on. The goal is to get you doing things as soon as possible. You start with small things at first and then build on what you already know.

The result is a book that gives you the skills you need to write an app in an easily digestible format. You can go as fast or slow as you wish. And once you are creating apps, you can turn back to specific parts of the book for a refresher.

So find a comfortable place, have your Mac and your iOS handheld nearby, and dig in!

Chapter 1: Hello, iOS SDK
Chapter 2: Objective-C Boot Camp
Chapter 3: Introducing Storyboards
Chapter 4: Auto Layout
Chapter 5: Localization
Chapter 6: Scrolling
Chapter 7: Navigation Controllers I: Hierarchies and Tabs
Chapter 8: Table Views I: The Basics
Chapter 9: Introducing Core Data
Chapter 10: Table Views II: Advanced Topics
Chapter 11: Navigation Controllers II: Split View and the iPad
Chapter 12: Touch Basics
Chapter 13: Introducing Blocks
Chapter 14: Instruments and Debugging
Chapter 15: Deploying Applications

Author Details
"Maurice Sharp"

"Erica Sadun"

"Rod Strougo"

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