Monday, October 7, 2019

Buried Pipe Calculator is Ready to Download


Buried Pipe Calculator (excel application) has been designed as a training tool to help users to calculate code stress and strain and their corresponding criteria for both restrained and unrestrained sections of a buried pipe. It should be noted this application is a training tool and must not be replaced for a finite element software. For analyzing of an unrestrained part of a buried pipe, soil-pipe interactions should be used to reach a valid pipe deformation and stress. So for that part user is asked to bring the longitudinal expansion stress to this sheet manually.

The following parameters can be calculated by the application:
  • 636.5201 Internal pressure design
  • 636.5202 Water hammer/surge pressure
  • 636.5203 Loads on pipe
  • 636.5204 Buried pipe design
  • 636.5205 Expansion and contraction
  • 636.5206 Aboveground pipe design
  • 636.5207 Thrust block design
  • 636.5208 Longitudinal bending


Each tab in this spread sheet corresponds to one of the sections above. The Handbook is a reference
to the spread sheet. There are examples in the handbook for review and checks. 

The primary worksheets are located on the input and print tabs. The input sheet is used to load all of
the other worksheets. You can go to any of the other worksheets to see how the calculations are made,
but be sure to load the appropriate data in the input sheet prior to checking the other tabs. The input
worksheet is the only place where data can be entered. There are comments for each cell to help in data entry.

The cell color has be used to show the locked and input cells :-
Yellow is where input data is required. On the other worksheets the yellow cells are linked to the input sheet
Blue is where equations are located and calculated These are locked to prevent accidently changing them.

Each worksheet is protected to keep from entering data over an equation. The password is a carriage return  if you want to unlock a sheet. If you make changes send a copy to me for an update to other users.

The Hazen Williams Friction Loss has been added to give a quick look at what the friction loss for the  section of pipe would be. This is based on a C value of 150. If a different value is required, it can be changed  on the 'friction' tab.

After the input tab is filled out the print tab is a summary of the data loaded. It can be used for the file
and is a summary of the entered information. There are '#N/A' on the print worksheet until the input sheet is completed.

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